New Inter Milan manager Claudio Ranieri has said that he has been extremely pleased with the way Inter have progressed under him. Inter Milan struggled a lot during the initial parts of the campaign, which led to the sacking of the manager Gian Piero Gasperini. Claudio Ranieri was appointed in place of Gian Piero Gasperini and he has been excellent so far.

Under his leadership, Inter Milan have been slowly making their way up the table. They are currently in the 12th position now with 14 points from the 11 games played so far. If they continue their current form, it will not be long before they are back in the contention for the Champions League spots, which is crucial for the club given the finances, which are in a precarious position.

When asked about the progress Inter Milan have made under him, Claudio Ranieri said "We all knew that we would have to come here and be humble, to fight and suffer. I was tense because winning here (in Siena) isn't easy. I don't know if this win will relaunch our title bid but for us every game is like it's a final. It's not going to be easy but that is the mentality we need, and the objective we're giving to ourselves."

Despite the progress they have made in recent weeks, Claudio Ranieri has said that they need to be realistic about the chances for the rest of the season. Aiming for the title would be out of the reach because of the presence of many contenders for the title including Juventus. Reaching the Champions League spot would be a realistic target for the rest of the season according to Claudio Ranieri. Inter Milan will also be focusing more on reaching the knockout stages of the Champions League.