Inter Milan Faces TOugh Match

Inter Milan’s opening match of the next season is against Torino, a club that concluded the previous campaign sitting on the 7th spot but the Italian manager stated his opinion concerning the 1st match of the campaign as he went on saying that it will be a tough team and place to perform well against.
“Torino is one of the toughest places to play in Serie A against a team that is well-drilled, finished the last season on a high and qualified for the Europa League. However, every game in Serie A hides dangers and they are all very difficult. Of course, these are the classics. The Derby is a little earlier compared to last season, but Juve are right at the end, whereas last time we faced them at the start. These are prestigious games, but it doesn’t matter when they take place, as sooner or later you’ve got to face everybody.” Mazzarri said as he also talked about the upcoming classic matches against his club rivals Ac.Milan and Juventus.
According to Mazzarri it will be a tough start of the season for him and his team but he is expecting his squad to come out on top with positive results during the opening matches of the season as well as throughout the entire campaign as it will have a huge impact in his objective of competing in the Champions League with Inter Milan.
Ever since Jose Mourinho left Inter Milan, the Italian club has not enjoyed such a successful time at least compared to when Mourinho was in charge of the team as he guided the squad to a treble winning season back in the campaign of 2009-10 where Inter Milan secured winning the Champions League, Coppa Italia and Serie A title.
Mazzarri wants to restore those glory days to Inter Milan but it will be an extremely difficult task to do as Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Real Madrid are the favorites of winning the Champions League meanwhile the Serie A title is being protected by a properly-structured Juventus team.