Frank De Boer is not eyeing top division trophy

Frank De Boer is not eyeing top division trophy at this point and only wants to be in between one to three in the table to be able to contend in the continent next season, but, he reckons if Inter keeps neck and neck with Juventus till the end of the summer, the trophy would become a realistic possibility.

De Boer dismisses that Juventus, after welcoming the league’s best player of previous season in the form of Gonzalo Higuain, would be a tougher nut to crack now and would remain uncatchable again.

As per the Dutchman, Higuain’s arrival has been nullified by Pogba’s departure. Pogba’s departure would actually have lessened the Black and Whites if anything and now, it’s a challenge for them to be as strong in the centre of the pitch as before.

De Boer was quoted as saying, “Juventus of course owns a magnificent group of players, but, I wouldn’t agree that it’s stronger than it was the previous summer. Yes Higuain is a big inclusion, but, then Pogba has gone which is a big loss too. Can they be as effective with their midfield play now? Only time will tell.”

On asked if he is one of those coaches who would be mercilessly demanding in training sessions, the former Barca defender said, “I will not be hurrying up my methods because it can be harmful as we have seen in the case of Klopp who went to Liverpool and straightaway put the players under huge workload leading to several injuries.”

“You don’t necessarily have to impose yourself from the first day and do something which will cause injuries. It’s okay to go a little easy at the start.”

Inter locks horns with Chievo four days from today with the venue being Stadio Marc’Antonio-Bentegodi.